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The SALON GABRIEL offers a luxurious care protocol developed especially for you, according to your hair, as well as scalp massages based on acupuncture!

A whole range of powerful and unique botanical blends for the hair !!!
- Secret Care By PHYTO
- Dead Sea Mud Care
- Regenerating Keratin Plant Care

Keratin is the real raw material of hair. This fibrous protein constitutes more than 95% of the hair fiber.
Most of the treatments that contain them - shampoos, masks, smoothing treatments ... - are made with vegetable keratin (from wheat, soy or corn), which helps restore, protect and smooth damaged hair. .
HOW DOES IT? In the manner of a varnish, the keratin is wrapping the hair fiber, and it repairs it. In addition, it creates a protective barrier against damage caused by the use of heating tools (dryer, flat iron).

Acupuncture-based massage with fingers

Known and known for relaxing the body, and the mind.
Its benefits: soothe, relax, but also revitalize ...

Effective to get rid of stress and its muscle tension, this t echnology has been officially recognized by the Union European in 1997 as one of eight complementary medicine methods, it would also have preventive virtues on the disease and help regulate intestinal transit .

The acupuncture needles are here replaced by the fingers of the masseur. More or less tonic, the pressures are exerted at point level strategic of circulation of nerve impulses to release energy. At the end of the session, we can feel an absolute relaxation , but we have Above all, full of vitality !!!

Massage is a combination of techniques combining movement with pressure, and time to energy transfer. Massage is an art and a science that has codes and reperts. Ayurveda is the great gift of sages from ancient India to humanity. It is the oldest medical system in the world with a long history of clinical experiences of healing the disease. It's also a way of life to promote and maintain good health and ensure pleasure and longevity.

The word Ayu means life, all aspects from birth to death, "Veda" means knowledge and knowledge.

Ayurveda is biology, the science of life that takes into account the whole person : Lifestyle, behavior, dietetics, medicine in order to tend towards a general well-being . The scalp massage is a complete massage in itself, it has the benefits a massage of the whole body.

It's called complete because it uses a lot of techniques to act on the largest number of venous, lymphatic, nervous, bony, epidermal systems.

The massage deals with regulating the activity of the subtle centers and vital points of the head and influencing the local area and the body.

The massage of the scalp has the effect of activating the micro-circulation in the scalp.

This massage contributes to the beauty of the hair because, when the scalp is well oxygenated, the hair is shinier and more silky, It is also beneficial in case of hair loss , it promotes the flow of blood to the roots and stimulates the regrowth.

Moreover, this massage gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation for the detachment of the leather scalp not only stimulates blood circulation but also nerve areas sub jactantes .

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The Definitive Guide of the ALOE VERA (Guide 2019)


Among all the advantages of the use of aloe vera, its high efficiency to treat various skin problems, its ability to whiten the teeth, its power to reduce the spots or the possibility of relieving pain stand out.

Thus, aloe vera is used in treatments as diverse as those designed to mitigate wrinkles, eliminate acne, get more hydrated skin or eliminate psoriasis.

Aloe vera in several of its formats is also effective in relieving the pain and burning of burns or insect bites. It can even be taken as a drink to relieve pain caused by gastritis and ulcers.

In addition, it is also very effective to regulate intestinal transit, protect our flora and combat constipation.

Let's learn more about aloe vera and everything you can get from this famous plant!

What will you find in this guide?
1.Summary of recommendations
2.Comparison table
3.Origin and history of aloe vera
4.What should be taken into account when buying products with aloe vera?
5.The best products with aloe vera from the market in all its formats: OUR TOP 10

What is aloe vera used for since its inception? A little history
Aloe vera is a plant of millenarian origin that is grown especially in hot climates. Its momentum in recent years for various uses of beauty and health has been spectacular.

Although it began to be used as a plant with high healing properties, studies have proven effective in many aspects related to beauty or well-being.

Therefore, there are more and more brands that opt ​​to include aloe vera among its active ingredients in products of cosmetic treatments, hair care or skin regeneration.

Aloe vera owes its name precisely to its components and functions. On the one hand, "aloe" comes from the Greek and means "sea"; while "vera" comes from Latin and means "true". Hence, its name is linked to the healing qualities, the wateriness and the salty taste of the sea.

Aloe has always been one of the most prominent plants in folk medicine. Since antiquity, it has been used both in the most primitive medicine of the first healers, and in everyday uses and care. His first references come from Mesopotamia, more than 4,000 years ago.

Initially, the aloe vera plant began to be used to cleanse the intestinal tract. Later, the Egyptians promoted the use of aloe vera for its disinfectant effect, which reduces the presence of bacteria and prevents them from causing infections.

Aloe vera was even used to embalm mummies and prevent their deterioration. Its cosmetic use also did not escape to the Egyptians who, it is believed, used aloe vera to keep the skin tighter and more careful.

The Romans inherited the uses of aloe vera from Egyptians and Greeks. In the first books of medicinal recipes, aloe vera begins to appear as a remedy for hundreds of diseases. It was used to heal wounds, treat inflammations, combat stomach discomfort, reduce joint pains and fight against acne, alopecia or heatstroke.